AmEx makes buying as easy as tweeting

Starting today, cardholders can sync their American Express card to their Twitter account and provide shipping information once, and then they can tweet to make select purchases.


To grow your app business, think loyalty

When the mobile app industry talks about success, we tend to tell a story of downloads. Downloads are crucial, but they’re only half the story.


The data diet: Factual now feeds you nutrition data (Exclusive)

Want to cut out sugar or add super-foods to your diet? Now app developers can help. Data curators Factual just added ingredient lists for over 350,000 of the most popular consumer packaged goods (CPGs) and nutrition parameters for over 150,000 of them to its Global Products API.

AmEx Passbook

AmEx launches integration with Apple’s Passbook

American Express is launching an integration with Apple’s Passbook today. Before you get too excited, no you won’t be able to pay with AmEx using Passbook, but you’ll still have access to some cool features.

PayPal scoffs at Google Wallet

PayPal scoffs at Google Wallet

Yesterday, American Express came out and said that it wasn’t associated with Google Wallet. Today, PayPal is slamming the service, saying, essentially, that Google Wallet is a lousy idea.

American Express not in Google Wallet

American Express isn’t part of Google Wallet

Although you can now load an American Express card onto Google Wallet, AmEx wants to make sure consumers know that it’s not an American Express-approved product. (Disclosure: I have a very small position in $AXP.)

GamesBeat Weekly Roundup

If you follow VentureBeat but don’t regularly check our GamesBeat site, here’s a list of the best games stories we ran over the last seven days that you may have missed.


AmEx is the king of check ins — and it could own local

Getting enough data to make local recommendations has proved tough. A restaurant reviewer writing for a local newspaper might write a hundred or so reviews a year. Zagat might cover several thousand in its printed books. Yelp provides near universal coverage in the United States, but it still doesn’t have enough information to provide useful recommendations.


12 companies getting local right for small businesses

I’ve spent much of the last year talking about how the sites small businesses rely on to advertise and promote themselves — think Yelp and Groupon — are failing them. In fact, helping small businesses at the local level is extremely challenging for technology companies, for the following reasons:


What does all the bad press mean for Groupon?

Groupon faced a deluge of bad press and unfavorable comparisons this week following its accounting restatement on March 30. This morning, I searched for Groupon and got this on Google News:

Rocky Agrawal

Twitter partners with AmEx to tackle local ad market

Twitter has announced a new partnership with American Express to allow small businesses to advertise on the popular social network. The program is due to launch in late March for American Express cardholders and merchants.