Cool private companies: Who will IPO in 2012 and 2013?

As a software securities analyst, Richard Davis spends 200 days a year on the road visiting software companies. He goes to public companies such as Oracle and, but he also visits up-and-coming software companies he thinks will go public in the near future. In his new column, Davis is going to talk about some candidates he thinks may be ripe for the IPO class of 2012 or 2013.

Analysts: Global tablet sales to reach 19.5M units in 2010

Sales of media tablets worldwide are expected to reach 19.5 million units in 2010 and will explode 181 percent to 54.8 million units in 2011, according to analysts at the research firm Gartner.

CEO language misleads analysts’ ratings, study confirms

Business analysts, who are paid to dryly evaluate and forecast the financial performance of the companies they cover, turn out to be vulnerable to what one research group has dubbed “charismatic” language in the CEOs’ vision statements.