Samsung’s Galaxy S III: It’s good to be the Android king (review)

With the Galaxy S III, Samsung is downright flaunting its expertise with Android hardware. From its gorgeous screen, to its smooth curves, the phone is a beauty to behold. The Galaxy S III joins the latest wave of Android phones (which include HTC’s One series) that finally make Android feel like the superpowerful mobile OS Google has always promised.

HTC One X heads to AT&T May 6 for $200

HTC’s new flagship Android smartphone, the One X, finally has a release date in the U.S. AT&T announced this morning that it will offer the One X starting May 6 for $200 with the typical two-year contract.

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Onavo’s data compression makes its way to Android 4.0 devices

Onavo has had something of a split personality for the past year. The company’s iPhone app has won countless awards for its revolutionary data compression capability (including top prize at our MobileBeat 2011 conference), but Android users had to make do with an entirely different Onavo app that helped them keep track of their mobile data.