PrankDial: A small developer’s struggle with the Android Market

Since entering the Android market in February 2010, PrankDial quickly became a top-performing app with 4 million downloads and 1 million monthly active users. Out of the millions of apps in the Android market, we ranked in the top 100 as an overall app and top 25 in the entertainment category.

Amazon’s Android Appstore boasts 31K apps

Amazon is celebrating the first anniversary of its Android Appstore launch by putting a bunch of its most popular titles on sale. The company revealed that it now sports 31,000 apps on the store, up from 4,000 at launch, and that customers have purchased millions of apps.

Why in-app billing doesn’t solve all of Android Market’s problems

Google’s recent launch of in-app billing in the Android Market gives app developers a way to make more money by letting them sell digital content within their applications. It’s a great improvement for game and app developers looking to do business on the Android platform. But before you commit, you should be aware of a number of challenges you’ll face in selling apps on the Android Market.

App downloads will hit 44 billion in 2016

The success of downloadable smartphone apps will continue at least through the next five years. A new study from ABI Research estimates that app industry will achieve 44 billion cumulative downloads by 2016.

Dozens of Android apps pulled from market due to malware infections

Dozens of apps have been pulled from the Android Market because they have been infected with malware. The infection is one of the worst to hit the mobile market, which has been relatively safe from malware attacks compared to the constant barrage of infections on PCs.

Nvidia launches Tegra Zone to show off flashy Android games

Now that Android devices featuring Nvidia’s powerful dual-core Tegra 2 chip are finally making their way to consumers, the company has launched its Tegra Zone app to feature games that can take advantage of the beefy hardware.

Mobile app revenue will hit $15B in 2011

It’s good to be Apple. This is true in many ways, but especially in the mobile applications business. According to research firm Gartner, nine out of ten downloaded mobile applications in 2010 came from Apple’s App Store.

Intel’s AppUp doesn’t fix app fragmentation, but it might help

For Joe Morris, vice president of mobile content for game company Konami, the difference between having to port a game to 200 platforms and just a handful is more than enough reason to get excited over Intel launching its application-distribution platform, AppUp.

Scoreloop adds payments to its Android social gaming suite

Android phone users are downloading lots of apps. But app developers would be happier if those users would pay for them. To help make that happen, Scoreloop is adding the ability to make payments for Android apps to its suite of social gaming tools for Google’s Android operating system.

AT&T cripples the HTC Aria, removes ability to install apps outside Android Market

AT&T can’t catch a break. After announcing that it would be releasing its first worthwhile Android phone next week, the HTC Aria, it now appears that the carrier is having trouble coming to terms with the open nature of the Android operating system. It’s planning to lock down the device from installing apps outside of the Android app Market, according to ComputerWorld.