Sonalight wants to be a Siri that “saves lives”

Apple’s virtual-assistant Siri isn’t available on Android phones, so copycat apps are popping up all over the Android Marketplace. Sonalight, however, promises to not just be another voice-activated assistant app, but rather a life-saving voice-activated assistant app.


Rockstar announces release date and price for iPad version of Grand Theft Auto III

Rockstar games posted the release date and price point for the 10 Year Anniversary Edition of Grand Theft Auto III, soon to be available for “select new generation iOS and Android devices.” This new mobile edition of GTA III for mobile devices will be on the App Store and the Android Marketplace starting on December 15th, and will be released at a price of $4.99.

Google TV and LG may unveil a new TV in January

Google is said to be giving its Google TV operating system another push. The search giant is teaming up with manufacturer LG on a new television that will be unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in January, according to a new Bloomberg report.

Google still doesn’t get games, bans emulators on Android Marketplace

Google has removed a batch of console emulators that let Android users play classic video games from older consoles, like the Super Nintendo (SNES), from the Android Marketplace. The move is another slap in the face of Google’s budding gaming populace.

Android Market gets movie rentals

Google is launching a movie rental store within its Android Marketplace, the company said today at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco. The store will basically be a carbon copy of the movie rental store that’s available through Apple’s App Store. Users pay around $2 to rent movies and stream them over the Internet in high-definition.

Google’s Eric Chu explains Android Marketplace rejections, in-app purchases

Despite the explosive growth of Android, application developers have voiced their share of complaints about the platform. Eric Chu, group manager of Android, tried to address some of those concerns today while speaking to an audience of developers at the Inside Social Apps InFocus conference in San Francisco.

Alcatel-Lucent crashes mobile app party with OpenPlug purchase

Telecommunications solutions provider Alcatel-Lucent picked up a mobile app development platform that allows programmers to write apps once and produce code that runs natively on iPhones and Android devices with its acquisition of OpenPlug on Wednesday. The details of the deal were not disclosed.