The rise of the angel investor (infographic)

The average angel is 47 years old, makes $90,000 a year, invests in one out of every 10 deals he sees, invests $37,000 in each deal, and lives in California. The halo and the wings? Those are just for show.

4 essential ways to attract investors

(Editor’s note: Doug Collom is vice dean and an adjunct lecturer on venture capital and entrepreneurship for Wharton | San Francisco. He submitted this story to VentureBeat.)

Will the ‘series seed’ documents help you grow?

(Editor’s note: Scott Edward Walker is the founder and CEO of Walker Corporate Law Group, PLLC, a law firm specializing in the representation of entrepreneurs. He submitted this column to VentureBeat.)

Good heavens! SEC could take aim at super angels

New financial regulations proposed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission will fall most heavily on super angels, a lawyer who specializes in the industry told VentureBeat this week.

Angels and VCs partner up to pump $282M into startups

Angel investors and venture capital firms are teaming up to find the best deals, new data released today shows, with investors paying particular attention to startup companies active in the IT and business technology space

Green with envy: Cleantech wishes it had an angel problem

While consumer Internet companies are getting crowded with newer and wealthier angel and seed funds, cleantech is seeing a drop both in overall investment dollars and early-stage investing. In fact, the overcrowding of angels backing Web startups — perhaps best evidenced by  the recent Angelgate debacle in which top investors were accused of “colluding” to discuss startup valuations — is a problem that cleantech wishes it had.

Guidelines for potential angel investors

(Editor’s note: Will Herman is an entrepreneur who has founded or held senior roles in several tech companies.This story originally appeared on his blog.)