Instagram is Apple’s No. 1 app of 2011 in a year heavy on fun and sharing

If you made plans for your weekend, you might want to kiss them goodbye.  Apple yesterday released its iTunes Rewind 2011 list, with the 40 top  iPhone and iPad apps of the year. The iTunes store now has more than 500,000 apps in it, but  this year’s top apps list shows that fun is the dominant theme. Games and social networking tools dominated, and photo sharing tool Instagram was chosen as the No. 1  app of the year.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds finally flies over to Windows Phone 7

The incredibly popular Angry Birds mobile game has finally landed on the Windows Phone 7 platform. Versions of the game already run on the iPhone, Android, webOS, B&N Nook, Intel AppUp for netbooks, and the Chrome web browser.

Angry Birds Rio hits 10 million downloads in 10 days

Game maker Rovio announced that its Angry Birds Rio game hit 10 million downloads on mobile phones in just 10 days. That’s a new record for the company, whose Angry Birds mobile game has catapulted past 100 million downloads in the past 16 months.

New version of Angry Birds game will tie into animated movie Rio

The Angry Birds juggernaut continues. The mobile game has been downloaded tens of millions of times in the past year and it has broken into the collective consciousness of the world as a cultural phenomenon. Who doesn’t know the little cartoon birds with the angry eyebrows?