The new iPhone 4 is white, fat

Another day, another Apple “scandal” — at least, according to the tech world. Apparently a 0.2 millimeter difference in thickness between the black iPhone 4 and its new white sibling is enough to spawn tremendous interest across the web.

Nokia kicks Apple while it's down, says it prioritizes antenna performance over looks

Nokia didn’t waste any time after Apple’s big press event this afternoon to throw in some comments of its own. The Finnish phone maker sent out a statement to the press pointing out its longstanding dedication to antenna design — to the point where it would “prioritize antenna performance over physical design if they are ever in conflict.”

Steve Jobs on iPhone 4 reception issues: You're doing it wrong

Yesterday we reported that early iPhone 4 owners were seeing screen discoloration, as well as reception issues if they covered the antenna notch on the lower-left corner of the phone. Apple responded to the reception trouble today, and it turns out the company is well aware of it, according to Engadget. The company’s stance on the issue can be summed up by an email from Steve Jobs: “Just avoid holding it that way.”