iPad launch draws fans and protesters across the U.S. (gallery)

Apple’s third-generation iPad drew the expected crowds for its big public debut on Friday. The hubbub started a minute after midnight, when select Best Buy and Walmart locations opened their doors to customers. There were lines at some third-party resellers, but the bigger throngs of diehards went straight to the mother ship, the Apple Store, which started selling iPads at 8am local time.

Happy iPad-launch eve! What you need to know before lining up

On Friday, stores around the world will be opening their doors to crowds of Apple fans, eager to be the first to swipe their frozen, grimy fingers across the glorious new iPad Retina display. The lines aren’t necessary, you can buy the devices online, but they’re an admirable feat of branding and marketing, and a display of just how hungry Apple fans are to have the latest gadget before anyone else.


Get in line early: New iPad goes on sale at 8 a.m. Friday

Attention Apple fans: Better wake up early on Friday if you want a chance at grabbing a new iPad. Apple retail stores will open at 8 a.m. to accommodate the rush of people looking to get their hands on Apple’s newest device, the company announced today.

Tesla Model S Beta Front

Tesla opens showrooms to show off its electric Model S cars

Black Friday shoppers on the market for an electric car might want to drop by a Tesla showroom this weekend. The company has put its vehicle technology on display, with prototypes of the new Model S Beta electric sedan appearing in stores around the U.S. and Canada.

Apple Store 2.0 plans: major overhaul with iPads everywhere

Apple is apparently planning to celebrate the tenth anniversary of its retail stores this month with a slew of improvements spearheaded by none other than Steve Jobs and design head Jon Ive, 9to5 Mac reports.

Apple’s largest store yet coming to Grand Central Terminal

Apple is set to make New York City’s Grand Central Terminal even more of a chore to walk through. The company will build its next major Apple Store at the station, and the new store will have the honor of being Apple’s largest retail space in the world, several sites are reporting.