NBC Olympics

A post about NBC’s Olympics coverage that NBC might agree with

NBC has been getting a lot of flak on social networks lately for its handling of the Olympics. Because of the time difference between the United States and London, most of the high-profile events are shown with a delay of several hours.

New Apple TV gets the teardown treatment, has increased RAM

Like little kids on Christmas morning, Apple fans cannot wait to open up their shiny new toys. The new Apple TV is the latest Apple device to be disassembled in the name of curiosity. The teardown reveals the same amount of flash storage as the 2nd generation Apple TV, but an increased amount of RAM — 512MB, up from 256MB.

Apple TV screen

Apple TV 3 impressions: What took so long?

Earlier today Apple debuted the third version of its Apple TV set-top box, which enables higher-definition video playback, a new user interface, and some additional integration with the company’s iCloud service.

Apple’s tough talk backfires in negotiations for new streaming TV service

Apple has big plans to launch a streaming TV service by Christmas, and of course the rumor mill is already running wild on when it will sell an actual TV. But first Apple will need to clear a hurdle: Getting the rights to shows for its new TV service. So far, its negotiations with the big media companies are not going well, because Apple has been taking its usual approach: “our way or nothing at all.”

Updated Apple TV could be announced at March event too, report says

After a dose of actual news from Apple this morning — invites to an iPad event on March 7 — we’re back to the rumor mill. An Apple TV might be announced at the same time, and the next generation iPads may already be arriving at retailers to be available right after the official announcement, says 9to5Mac.