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How to turn your iOS app ideas into reality [VB Store]

You’ve realized that one of your goals for the year – finding a way to make that iOS app a reality – simply didn’t come to fruition. VentureBeat has a deal that can help you turn your iOS app ideas into reality – starting now – for just $29!

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Achieve excellence in Xcode with the Ultimate Xcode Course [VB Store]

If you’re looking to wade into the Xcode arena, then it’s a wise move to find some vaulable resources to help you along the way – and possibly speed up the process. The VB Store is currently offering a great resource with the Ultimate Xcode for iOS Apps Course.

Game makers: Amazon’s Android appstore terms are greedy

Amazon.com is in hot water for the pricing strategy and terms for developers in its new app store for Android games. Basically, game makers fear that they will make a lot less money as Amazon battles Apple and other app store owners in a bloody price war.