Augmented reality helps you fix your printer

Augmented reality (AR) company Metaio will show a demo at next week’s Mobile World Congress in which AR on your mobile phone shows you how to change a printer toner cartridge.

Japanese augmented reality gaming company Tonchidot lands $12M

Tonchidot, a mobile augmented reality (AR) platform provider, just landed $12 million in second round funding. Several Japanese companies and venture capitalists participated in the round, including mobile operator KDDI Corporation, media conglomerate Recruit Co. Ltd., and mobile advertising company SPiRE.

Augmented reality gaming specialist Ogmento raises $3.5M

Ogmento, a New York, N.Y.-based gaming company in the augmented reality scene (a technology that allows users to see virtual data superimposed on views of the real world) has raised $3.5 million dollars in a first round of institutional funding.

Canesta, YDreams partner to take augmented reality mainstream

Canesta, a startup that makes chips to enable electronic devices to “see” by locating objects in three dimensions, has announced a major partnership today with natural user interface company YDreams to develop augmented reality (AR) offerings.

Metaio helps Lego market toys with augmented reality kiosks

Metaio has been working hard for 18 months on an augmented-reality (AR) “digital box” for Lego, the Danish toy manufacturer. After being tested in a few locations, the product is now hitting Lego retail stores worldwide, and with it, consumers get a 3D image of what the toy will look like once assembled.