Can Asia out-innovate America?

Go East, young entrepreneur! The chance to become rich and famous with a startup is no longer just an American dream. It’s happening in Asia too, as talent, energy and resources flow from the U.S. to the east.

Why GE's green road to Asia goes through Oz

GE announced a smart grid acquisition today, the purchase of Australia-based Opal Software. It’s a move that expands the company’s smart grid software portfolio but also gives GE a pathway into the lucrative Chinese market by having a presence in the Asia-Pacific region.

Vivo Ventures aims for Asia investment with $275M fund

Vivo Ventures plans its first in Asian life-science investments now that it has closed a new fund, VentureWire is reporting (subscription required). The Palo Alto, Calif., outfit, formerly known as BioAsia Investments due to its former association with Asian investors, just closed a $275 million healthcare fund, its sixth.