SeaMicro drops another Atom bomb on the server market

Back in June, server startup SeaMicro dropped its Atom bomb on the server market, launching an extremely energy-efficient server using Intel’s Atom microprocessors. That enabled SeaMicro to get customers who delivered web pages to tens of millions of internet users across four continents. Now SeaMicro is dropping another Atom bomb.

Intel chips headed to 35 tablets and ‘premier’ smartphones in 2011

Intel is not to be counted out of the smartphone battle yet, as its chips are headed to 35 tablets (including some already available) and “premier” smartphone vendors in 2011, Reuters reports based on comments from the company’s CEO Paul Otelinni.

Intel’s AppUp doesn’t fix app fragmentation, but it might help

For Joe Morris, vice president of mobile content for game company Konami, the difference between having to port a game to 200 platforms and just a handful is more than enough reason to get excited over Intel launching its application-distribution platform, AppUp.

Google’s “smart TV” platform to debut tomorrow

We recently reported that Google and Intel will debut their web-enabled “smart TV” platform sometime this week during Google’s I/O developer conference, with Sony as a customer. Now we have a firmer date; It appears that Google is set to debut the platform tomorrow, thanks to some intrepid sleuthing by TechCrunch’s Jason Kincaid.

Intel’s next Atom chips are powerful, but not power hungry

In a bid to move beyond the PC, Intel is announcing a new generation of its Atom microprocessors today that can become the brains of smartphones and tablet computers with high performance and long battery lives.