Where the Beats will drop at Apple

In Beats, Apple purchased a collection of assets that, on paper, didn’t seem to offer much that the company couldn’t have acquired elsewhere and for less.

SoundCloud: Why sound will be bigger than video online

The audio-sharing network SoundCloud, which allows users to share not just music but any audio recording — from company earnings calls to cat impersonations — has just launched a new version, “Next SoundCloud,” at LeWeb in Paris.

Google Hangout

Google+ studio mode hangouts: awesome if you’re wearing headphones

Music over online conference lines or video-conferencing software mostly sucks — because the conferencing world is optimized for voice, not song.
Google’s trying to change that — and bolster its social network, Google+ — by adding Studio Mode to Hangouts on Air. Call it the MySpace gambit: if we bring the bands, the fans will follow.

SoundCloud turns up the volume with SoundCloud Labs

SoundCloud is a platform that lets people share the sounds they create, from professional musicians to public companies who want to post earnings calls. The company just unveiled SoundCloud Labs, a site dedicated to experimental projects and features built on the SoundCloud API and developed by employees of the company.