Is there room for comedy in B2B ?

A funny thing happened at a conference. I learned things. And I remembered stuff. Oh, and I laughed. When talking about B2B technology, I laughed.


From P2P to B2B: The next phase of the sharing economy

In the wake of Uber and Airbnb’s rapid growth and billion dollar valuations, everyone is talking about the sharing economy. Sharing marketplaces are experiencing tremendous growth, and today anyone who can rent out a room in their home, share their car, or even leverage their free time running errands can become a micro-entrepreneur.


5 ground rules for B2B startup success

Investing time, capital, and resources to align the ideal go-to-market B2B strategy can easily burn out the most ambitious and experienced. Here’s how to survive.

Alibaba set to raise $8B for Yahoo buyback

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group is raising more than $8 billion in a new round of funding, the majority of which will be used to buy back half of its shares from Yahoo, the New York Times reports.


Traxpay pulls in $4M to streamline B2B payments

European business-to-business payment provider Traxpay announced a $4 million in investment from Earlybird Ventures today. Using cloud-based software, the system enables companies to manage their B2B payments online in real time.

HD Trade Services puts the brakes on trade fraud

Most consumers are likely oblivious to the issues of international trade fraud, but for businesses that rely on overseas suppliers, it’s becoming an increasingly large problem. The issue stems from the lack of communication between businesses, which makes it easy for fraud of all varieties to take place.

Alibaba and eBay: More competition than cooperation, despite a show of friendship

The seventh annual AliFest featured Chinese internet giant Alibaba Group’s global ambitions and its complicated relationships with eBay and Yahoo. By far the most intriguing speaker was eBay chief executive John Donahue, whose company was previously vanquished by Alibaba’s Taobao in China.