Bubbling under: Samsung’s Bada app store hits 100M downloads

It’s easy to forget that there are other app stores—indeed, other operating systems—which are making headway outside of iOS and Android. To remind us, Samsung just announced that its mobile and TV app store for the Bada operating system, Samsung Apps, has hit 100 million downloads.

iSwifter lets iPad access unlimited number of Flash videos and games (exclusive)

Apple still hasn’t approved Adobe’s Flash media player for the iPad. But that doesn’t mean you can’t run Flash content on the tablet. iSwifter is announcing today that it has created a browser app for the iPad that allows users to access a virtually unlimited number of Flash content across the web.

Score one for Microsoft as Scoreloop backs Windows Phone 7

Scoreloop is announcing today that it will support Windows Phone 7 as part of its cross-platform social gaming ecosystem. That means that developers can create social games that allow Windows Phone 7 users to play against Android or iPhone users.

Scoreloop delivers social game platform for Samsung phones and TVs

Smartphone games are starting to spread out beyond the Apple iPhone and Google Android platforms. In support of that trend, Scoreloop is announcing today that it is adapting its social gaming platform to support Samsung’s mobile phones and web-connected TVs.