Happy holidays: Amazon gives China a cloud of its own

At the Amazon Web Services user conference in Las Vegas last month, senior vice president Andy Jassy warned everyone that the already large public cloud would be increasing its geographical reach. “We’re not close to being done here,” Jassy said. Now we’re hearing a major step forward: an expansion into China.


More valley, less silicon: Is China’s dragon about to roar?

More than four out of 10 global executives polled by KPMG believe that the world center of technology innovation will not be Silicon Valley within four years. And among those who believe that Silicon Valley will lose its place as the de facto world capital of technology, a similar four out of 10 believe China will house the next dynamo of technological creation.

Can Asia out-innovate America?

Go East, young entrepreneur! The chance to become rich and famous with a startup is no longer just an American dream. It’s happening in Asia too, as talent, energy and resources flow from the U.S. to the east.