Gary Vaynerchuck (left) and Ronny Conway.

Funding Daily: Conway and Vaynerchuck

Social media superstar Gary Vaynerchuck and “superangel” offspring Ronny Conway are both kicking off their new funds. We’ve got details on those below, along with the rest of your daily funding news.

Digg v1, Mark 2 is totally ‘meh’

[Disclosure: VentureBeat has a contract with Amy Vernon for social media work. Below is a guest post she wrote for us.]

Digg to be reborn on August 1

Digg is dead. But keep an eye out on that grave, because new owner Betaworks plans to resuscitate the once famed social news site. The company will unveil its surgically remastered machination on August, 1, less than two weeks from today.

Funding Daily: Another day, another million dollars

Today in funding news, the numbers are all over the place. The Mayfield Fund finds itself with $1 million for every day of the year, while pioneer community news site Digg sold for 500 times less than once dreamt. There are also whispers of dirty laundry, white tigers, rapper wheels, and tulle gowns, but you will have to read more to find out why. hits the iPhone and builds out a social network for news is a service from the New York-based innovation lab betaworks that filters users’ Twitter and Facebook streams to deliver them the most interesting stories they might have missed. It started out on the iPad only, but today it is launching on the iPhone with some new features.

Shhhh: Betaworks releases new version of anarchist Twitter alternative

One of the most interesting mobile apps to come out of the Occupy Wall Street protests was Vibe, created by Hazem Sayed, which allowed users to send anonymous messages in a tightly controlled distance. Betaworks recently bought the company, and today it is releasing version 1.5, with some new features it will be highlighting at SXSW this month.

It pays to time your tweets: SocialFlow debuts self-serve platform and eyes new funding

SocialFlow, which helps brands and publishers optimize their performance across Facebook and Twitter, is launching its self-service platform today. The company has had a banner year, growing from just 2 employees to more than 30 and graduating from the betaworks building to their own office on the east side of Manhattan.
To get a sense of how the company works, let’s take the example from one of their clients, The Economist. With SocialFlow, which guides which messages The Economist puts out to its followers and when, the venerable publishers has grown its social media fanbase five times faster than average and increased engagement with its audience at a rate eight times greater than before it used Social Flow.

Betaworks rewards its investors and looks to the future of real time networks

Digital studio Betaworks is all about the real time web, so how’s this for speed? It took the company less than a year to generate a return on the $20 million it raised last March. Over the weekend PandoDaily reported that Betaworks gave back all invested capital plus a dividend with cash left over for its balance sheet.

clean - NB dashboard - 7 day

Chartbeat maker launches new traffic analytics for news sites

I already spend a good chunk of my time obsessively checking traffic analytics for VentureBeat through Chartbeat. It gives us a breakdown of where our readers are coming from and what stories are popular. Luckily there’s a least upper limit to my neuroticism, because Chartbeat only tracks the top stories on VentureBeat.