Building BI into your 2015 budget

Disorganization and chaos, scattered and large data sets. That’s often what gets companies thinking about investing in business intelligence (BI). Things like manual reporting in Excel, pulling from multiple data sources, and not being able to make sense of the data. Here’s a primer on how to go about making a BI investment.

Forrester’s top 15 emerging technologies

Everyone knows that mobile, social, cloud, and data are big freight trains of change that are blowing up old business models and old business practices. But let’s face it: that train is in the station. What’s next?

Roambi Flow turns your business information into gorgeous iPad reports

After revolutionizing the way companies can interact with their business data on the go with its Roambi app, San Diego-based startup Mellmo is now aiming to let you use that data to create gorgeous interactive reports and presentations with its new iPad app and publishing platform Roambi Flow.