In wake of Amyris IPO, projected winners and losers in biofuels

Biofuels company Amyris had its IPO last week, and the results were considered a decent exit for some of its investors (mostly its early-stage ones). But don’t expect that to have any effect on fellow biomaterials IPO hopefuls Gevo and PetroAlgae or to give a lift to the lesser-known and struggling Butalco or Bioalgene.

On the GreenBeat: AlertMe raises $23 million, Tesla gearing up for Model S in 2012

Energy management firm AlertMe raised $23 million in a second round of funding ahead of planned expansion into the U.S. market. The company has picked up a strategic investor and commercial partner in British Gas, the U.K.’s largest utility, which invested about $9 million for a 15.96 percent stake in the company. The two companies have signed a commercial agreement worth over $32 million that will roll out AlertMe’s products to the utility’s customers – the products allow consumers to monitor and manage energy consumption over cell phones and the internet. Investors in this round include VantagePoint Venture, Index Ventures and SET Venture Partners.

On the GreenBeat: First solar projects on federal land, Frito-Lay yanks SunChip bag

The government has approved two solar projects to become the first ever to be built on federal land, both to be erected in the California desert as part of a government fast-track program. Tessera Solar will build a 709-megawatt concentrated solar power project on 6,360 acres in Imperial Valley, to cost $2.1 billion (hundreds of millions of which could be supplied or underwritten by the government). Chevron Energy Solutions’ 45-megawatt system also received approval for a 422-acre project in Lucerne Valley. Both projects could power more than half a million homes when complete. The government is expected to approve other solar projects by the end of the year proposed by BrightSource, NextEra, Tessera and Solar Millennium.

On the GreenBeat: Amyris weathers first day of trading, California to double solar capacity

Biofuels and biomaterials company Amyris’s stock held up in its first day of trading, closing last night at $16.50, up three percent from its opening price of $16. The stock peaked at $17.44, the San Francisco Chronicle writes. The report estimates about 2.4 million shares were traded yesterday. The stock was reportedly priced below range. Earth2Tech deemed the IPO a “decent exit” for investors, estimating the worth of investors stakes: $67 million for Kleiner Perkins, $62 million for Khosla Ventures. The company raised a total of $85 million.

On the GreenBeat: GE puts $28 million in China wind JV, Amyris shares start trading today

GE announced it has formed a joint venture with Chinese company Harbin Power Equipment to service the $13 billion wind industry in China. The country is the world’s biggest market for wind turbine sales, according to the release, and is expected to grow 500 percent from 2009 to 150 gigawatts of installed wind capacity by 2020. China’s electricity demands are growing at 12 percent a year, and the government’s encouraging renewable-energy policies convinced GE to invest in the venture, the company said. GE’s share of the venture is valued at $27.8 million, Bloomberg reports.