Zombie patents — they cost the healthcare system billions, but just won't die

I’ve been generally unsympathetic to laments that biotech and medical-device companies will suffer if U.S. patent law is reformed, and that has a lot to do with some of the grotesque but legal patent abuses biopharma companies have perpetrated over the years in order to lock out competition for as long as possible. While Big Pharma has almost certainly been the biggest offender along these lines, Big Biotech has plenty to answer for as well.

Three yards and a cloud of dust: Bioheart limps across the IPO goal line, but with little to show for its struggles

The New York Giants they ain’t, but the team at embattled cell-therapy startup Bioheart still managed to defy long odds and successfully dragged their company into the IPO endzone earlier today. No doubt football great Dan Marino — one of the Sunrise, Fla., biotech’s backers — fired everyone up with a suitable locker-room pep talk.