Bluetooth-accessory startup Mosoro gets $1.5M in funding

Mosoro creates “appcessories,” or Bluetooth devices with dedicated companion apps for iOS and Android. The company has made two Bluetooth devices so far, 3-D Sport and Weather, and has two more in the works, Talk, and Bonsai. They all connect with smartphone apps to record motion, report weather conditions, play audio, stream video, and much more.

With Jawbone Era, your headset becomes a motion-sensitive computer

Jawbone, the maker of the Jawbone headset, is launching a ground-breaking new Bluetooth headset today. It’s called Era, and it has built-in motion-sensing, high-definition audio quality, and multiple processors. The company (formerly Aliph) is also turning the Jawbone headset into a connected app platform whose features can be updated over time. It also provides caller identification by verbally telling you the name of who is calling you.