Life-saving medical machinery prone to malware

It sucks when your PC gets clogged with viruses, slows to crawl, and generally makes your life miserable. But what if it put your life in danger? With medical facilities all around the United States running outdated software that can’t install new security patches, that very well may become the case.

ZeroAccess: A look at just how big a botnet can get

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine just how contagious a botnet can be, and then sometimes you see them from space. Security researchers at F-Secure created this look at ZeroAccess botnet infections today, across the United States and the world.

There’s a new sheriff in town: Microsoft leads raids on big time botnets

On Friday of last week, U.S Marshalls entered office buildings in Pennsylvania and Illinois that are believed to be home to some of the biggest botnet armies on the web. But the law enforcement was just backup for the real investigators, Microsoft, who had secured a warrant from a federal judge to gather evidence and deactivate servers used by the criminals to infect people’s computers and harvest their personal data.

IBM: Biggest threat to the cloud could be security issues

The number of exploitable options in computer programs grew by 36 percent in 2010, largely a result of the increased prevalence of Web apps and looming cloud-computing security threats, according to IBM’s X-force security report released Thursday.