R.I.P. Boxee: 3 lessons to learn from Boxee’s demise

Boxee did many things right. But as time went on, it started doing more and more things wrong. For the sake of the future and XBMC, let’s look into a few of the mistakes of Boxee, so that we — and other XBMC businesses — can hopefully avoid them in the future.

Internet-on-your-TV startup Boxee raises $16.5M

Boxee, the New York startup that finally started shipping its much-anticipated streaming video device the Boxee Box last November, just announced that it has raised $16.5 million in new funding.

Netflix finally lands on the Boxee Box

Support for Netflix streaming video has finally made its way to Boxee’s set-top box, the company announced today in a blog post.

New Apple TV renamed iTV — gains apps, restricted to 720p HD video

In May, we reported that the next Apple TV would potentially retail for $99 and run on iPhone-like hardware with iOS. It was an exciting reveal for a product that has long been ignored by Apple — but now it appears that the news surrounding the new Apple TV isn’t entirely rosy.

Boxee sees Google TV as complementary in bringing Web to your TV

Now that Google has officially announced its plans to revolutionize the way we watch TV, it’s time for potential competitors to react. One of the most promising TV-Web players is the New York-based Boxee, which has been working on software that lets users bring Web content to their televisions for the past few years. According to a recent tweet by the company’s founder, Avner Ronen, he sees Google TV as more complementary than competitive, and he seems interested in developing a Boxee Android app for TVs.