R.I.P. Boxee: 3 lessons to learn from Boxee’s demise

Boxee did many things right. But as time went on, it started doing more and more things wrong. For the sake of the future and XBMC, let’s look into a few of the mistakes of Boxee, so that we — and other XBMC businesses — can hopefully avoid them in the future.

How Netflix, TiVo, Hulu, YouTube disrupt TV

Zen and the art of disrupting TV

Television is a tough business, and few innovators make it big. But these eight companies have defied the odds.

Google’s Android-based TV platform reportedly debuting next month

Google is readying its Android-based television software for debut in May, sources tell the Wall Street Journal. The company will apparently unveil its Google TV platform at the developer-centered Google I/O conference in San Francisco, which runs from May 19 to May 20.