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Cash policies for startups

I heard a rumor on a call the other day that some startups are starting to keep balance sheet cash in higher yield instruments such as corporate debt. This is apparently becoming trendy again.

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Tech employees: You are not your stock price

It’s easily to get bummed out when your stock price drops. Each time it goes up, you get one unit of happiness. Each time it goes down, you get -5 units of happiness.

All of this has happened before.

Tech stock correction? This has all happened before

In the last two weeks there’s been a flurry of articles about the implications of a 25 percent decline in the public market value of a bunch of Internet stocks. They range from “the sky is falling” to “the IPO market window is closing” to “there will be more stupid television shows about Silicon Valley” (I prefer Game of Thrones and 24, thank you very much.)

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The future is enchanted objects, not glass slabs

We have those fancy white smoke alarms that are wired directly into the power of the house. I have no idea why they even need a battery. The first thing they do when they want your attention is to make an unbelievably obnoxious noise.


Startups: how to avoid death by enthusiasm

This is heartbreaking: An entrepreneur puts mind, time, and energy into founding and running a new venture, and then recklessly sabotages the startup’s chances to succeed.

Will Silicon Valley ever share the wealth?

Cities are doing a lot to build and promote their own startup communities. But Silicon Valley is still king, and it’s growing even more powerful in startup investments. How do we fix this?

Why Canada is beating the U.S. in startup visas

I read the announcement today that Canada has just launched a startup visa program. By doing so, they are saying to the world, “Welcome, immigrant entrepreneurs — please come start your business in Canada.”

9 unusual, effective rules for successful meetings

I love Scott Kveton, the CEO of Urban Airship. He and his team are building an amazing company in Portland. If you do anything mobile-related and use push notifications of any sort, or real-time location targeting, you need to be talking to them. But even more impressive is how Scott leads his company.

Who owns your UX philosophy?

Designer? Check. CTO? Check. Engineering VP? Check. So whose job is it to make sure the experience flow is smooth, magical, and consistent?

Why the Google+ long game is brilliant

Google is continually experimenting with new functionality, rolling it out broadly in a fully integrated fashion on a continuous basis, and providing it as a core part of an ever expanding thing that is getting more and more useful by the week.

The gangsters of Silicon Valley

President Obama has been touting patents as a way to create jobs and increase U.S. competitiveness. “These are jobs and businesses of the future just waiting to be created,” he said of patent applications last September, “somewhere in that stack of applications could be the next technological breakthrough, the next miracle drug, the next idea that will launch the next Fortune 500 company.”