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Why the big data systems of tomorrow will mirror the human brain of today

Tomorrow, our smartest systems will instantly and masterfully oversee, optimize, manage and adapt processes that are as critical as they are complex, across a broad spectrum of industries, having taken their cues from the most ready example of a natural supercomputer we have: the human brain.

How the web & apps are changing your brain

If you’ve ever spent more than 30 seconds thinking about it, you probably already assume that Google sort of acts as an external hard drive for your own gray matter. But does that mean we’re getting dumber? Or just that we’re thinking smarter, not harder?


Shiny, happy company: Why happiness is the new metric for startup success

The seal of the high school I attended contained two Latin mottos: Non Sibi and Finis Origine Pendet. Despite seeing those words everywhere, I paid little attention to them. I later learned they mean “Not for one’s self” and “The end is determined by the beginning”, respectively.