Startups, here’s your idiot’s guide to video

Video is the most engaging form of online content. But it’s also a highly expensive and time-consuming proposition for startups. Here’s how to do it right.


Top four global tech brands now worth almost $500B

Four out of five of the top brands in the world are technology brands, according to a review of the top global brands released Tuesday. The report valued the Apple, IBM, Google, and Microsoft brands at a combined half-trillion dollars.

Six tips for creating a killer brand for your company

There are misconceptions about how important branding it is to success, how much work it takes, and the best ways to approach it. But every company, from a fresh-faced tech-startup to Apple, knows good branding can make a product or service.

Turn your tweets into toilet paper with the new startup, Shitter

What if you could take all those tweets you blast out during the day and ruminate on them in a place where your mind is free to wander and relax. Introducing Shitter, a new startup that, for just $35, will turn your tweet stream into four rolls of toilet paper. The homepage tagline reads, “Social media has never been so disposable.”


LinkedIn rolls out Follow Company button for all sites

LinkedIn announced a new Follow Company button Monday, which the social network thinks will make it easier for companies to communicate and interact with their customers. Beginning immediately, companies can grab the snippet of code to add it the button to their own sites and start collecting more followers.

How to find VentureBeat on Google+

Google+ is great for individuals, but so far Google hasn’t provided any way for companies, websites or publications to play on the fast-growing social network. In fact, some have already been booted off for not being human enough.

A ponytail ain’t a brand

(Editor’s note: Francis Moran is managing partner of marketing firm Francis Moran & Associates. This story originally appeared on his blog.)