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House renting service Airbnb has booked 5M travel reservations

Airbnb, the online marketplace where you can rent out your house or spare room to travelers, announced today it has reached a milestone of five million guest reservations overall. The company also celebrated its strong international growth, with property listings in more than 19,000 cities in 192 countries around the world.

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Airbnb listers in New York average $21k a year

Airbnb, a marketplace for living spaces, has a New York footprint so large that there’s at least one Airbnb rental on every city block, co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky said at the Digital Life Design conference in Munich Monday.


Airbnb’s roller coaster week of ups and downs

Social bed and breakfast marketplace Airbnb started the week on a high note by confirming that it had raised a large $112 million second round of funding that pushed the startup’s valuation to an estimated $1.3 billion. Just days later, the company’s reputation spiraled down after social link sharing community Hacker News caught wind of an Airbnb user’s emotional account of merciless renters, who ransacked her apartment and turned her entire life upside down.