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UK takes a shining to Chrome, overtakes Firefox as No. 2 browser

Usually, it’s the first place team that makes the headlines, but in the global Internet browser competition, second place can newsworthy too. That’s the case today, with new data showing that Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is losing market share to Google’s Chrome, now the second most popular browser for Internet users in the United Kingdom.


Microsoft lets loose second Internet Explorer 10 preview

Microsoft on Tuesday released a second preview of its Internet Explorer 10 browser, which will give developers a chance to test out new features and technologies related to IE10. The new browser is expected to launch officially next year when Windows 8 is released.

Firefox 5 gets social sharing, taskbar apps, Chrome-like features

Mozilla’s Firefox 4 browser is only a few weeks old, but we’re already beginning to catch wind of what the company’s planning for its next release. Firefox 5 will sport integrated social sharing, taskbar web apps, identity management, and a slew of features already found in Google’s Chrome browser, according to Mozilla’s Firefox User Experience priorities page.

Firefox 4 soars past IE9’s usage in half the time

Mozilla’s Firefox 4 browser trounced Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 in first day downloads when it launched last week, but now it’s further walloping Microsoft’s browser by snagging twice as much usage in half the time, according to data from NetApplications.