Hey, entrepreneurs, we’re living in a bubble

No, not that kind of bubble.  The bubble we’re living in is actually much more dangerous than the classic tech bubbles that inevitably come and go, because this particular bubble may well prevent American entrepreneurs from playing a leading role in shaping the future.

LinkedIn shares still high in second day of trading

If LinkedIn represents a tech bubble, that bubble remained unpopped during the professional networking company’s second day of public trading. The company’s stock closed at $93.09 a share, just slightly below its close of $94.25 yesterday and more than double the price of between $42 and $45 set in its initial public offering.

Quest Venture Partners: Current VC investing not "irrational"

The hand-wringing continues over whether or not there is a venture capital bubble forming around hot new Silicon Valley startups. But the increased VC investing in tech is more likely the consequence of investors burned by the stock market getting into alternative investments, Marcus Ogawa, managing partner at venture capital firm Quest Venture Partners, told me today.