LinkedIn competitor Viadeo: No regrets about IPO delay

After watching LinkedIn’s stock climb to impressive heights following its IPO today, not to mention all the subsequent talk that we’re in a new bubble that will eventually pop, you might think that the executives at professional networking company Viadeo are regretting their recent decision to postpone their own IPO. But Viadeo chief executive Dan Serfaty told me today that he’s feeling just fine.

LinkedIn IPO: You know it’s a bubble when Grandma can buy in

LinkedIn’s massive 2x pop after going public this morning reflects that everyone, including the underwriters, seriously underestimated the demand for the shares. There was a time, especially during the .com, when underwriters such as Morgan Stanley would attempt to artificially go out the door with a low price in order to create a pop, but companies going public nowadays are much more sophisticated and discerning about leaving so much money on the table.

The good news and bad news about bubbles

On Thursday, I moderated a panel of entrepreneurs and venture capitalists discussing a provocative question: As startup valuations get frothy, are we blowing another bubble?