BigDoor raises $5M for gamification platform

BigDoor, a white label gamification platform maker, has raised $5 million in new funding from the Foundry Group. The platform allows non-game online publishers to “gamify” their web sites by adding game mechanics that improve user interaction and engagement.

Bunchball brings gamification to Adobe’s digital marketing suite

It’s not as sexy as landing Playboy as a customer. But Bunchball is moving further into enterprises with its gamification technology, which makes non-game web sites more interesting by making them game-like. Today, Bunchball is integrating gamification analytics into Adobe’s Digital Marketing Suite.

Bunchball hits 500M badges awarded for gamification service

Bunchball launched its gamification service four years ago, before the name for adding game-like features to non-game applications became popular. Now the company is disclosing some interesting milestones, including the fact that its customers have awarded their 125 million users with 500 million badges and trophies.