Gurbaksh Chahal

Former RadiumOne CEO making amends

Fired from RadiumOne last year amid allegations he had beaten his girlfriend, Gurbaksh Chahal appeared in court on Friday where a judge commended his “very good” progress completing classes related to domestic violence.

Toshiba Chromebook 2

This is the best Chromebook you can buy

If you were trying to pick out a new Chromebook two or three years ago, your choices would be much easier and more limited. But now, every major PC manufacturer has started making its own Chromebooks in different sizes and configurations, making the buying decision a lot more difficult.

The Google drink machine.

Here’s a typical day for a pampered Google engineer

Year after year, list after list, Google consistently ranks as the best place to work in America. Great pay, fun projects, and a downright astounding number of perks make it so.

stock prices

Google’s new ad strategy could delay a bunch of tech IPOs

There’s the experience of Rocket Fuel, an ad network that went public in September 2013 . Months later, it was the subject of class action lawsuits, alleging the stock fell after it failed to disclose that many of its ads were being clicked by fraudulent botnets.