FCC, Justice Department makes Comcast-NBC Universal merger a reality

After being announced nearly two years ago, the union of cable TV provider Comcast with NBC Universal has finally been approved. The Federal Communications Commission and the Justice Department handed down the decision, and the deal is expected to be finalized by the end of the month.

Comcast to fend off Google TV with … something

Perhaps tired of seeing its customers dump traditional cable service in favor of online video (a process known as cord cutting), telecom giant Comcast is testing a new service that will combine web video content with traditional TV.

Cox launches mobile phone service to combat AT&T, Verizon

Cox Communications, the third-largest cable provider in the US, announced today that it’s launching a mobile phone service that it will bundle with its cable and internet service, Bloomberg reports.

IBM’s new platform delivers cloud computing to telcos and ISPs

IBM announced its new cloud services platform today, which aims to make it easier for communications service providers (CSPs, which include communication companies like telcos, ISPs, and satellite companies) to take advantage of cloud computing.

Google testing Android-based TV search on Dish Network

If you thought your TV would be safe from Google’s search empire, think again. Google is currently testing a service on Dish Network that will allow users to search through TV listings and web video (including Youtube) on their televisions.