Silicon Valley job growth roars back

After Facebook’s botched initial public offering, observers feared that Silicon Valley would plunge into a downturn. But in June, the Bay Area job market came back in a big way, adding  16,900 jobs.

GM riles electric car advocates over charger sharing

Editor’s note: Automakers are making big bets on plug-in hybrids and range-extended electric vehicles, as VentureBeat’s Matthew Lynley recently wrote. There’s just one problem: In California, hybrids aren’t legally allowed to use public charging stations meant for electric cars. This post, by John Voelker of, explains how a bill meant to change that is pitting some electric car advocates against GM.


Amazon drops Calif. affiliates to protest e-commerce law

Amazon on Thursday said it had dropped the California members of its marketing affiliates program in response to the state’s new law to charge sales taxes on online goods. Amazon competitor Overstock also intends to drop its California affiliates.

Twitter: Make that almost San Francisco

Twitter, the popular messaging site, may be growing out of its startup phase with a possible headquarters move to Brisbane, California, according to brokerage sources in the San Francisco Business Times.

On the GreenBeat: Amyris weathers first day of trading, California to double solar capacity

Biofuels and biomaterials company Amyris’s stock held up in its first day of trading, closing last night at $16.50, up three percent from its opening price of $16. The stock peaked at $17.44, the San Francisco Chronicle writes. The report estimates about 2.4 million shares were traded yesterday. The stock was reportedly priced below range. Earth2Tech deemed the IPO a “decent exit” for investors, estimating the worth of investors stakes: $67 million for Kleiner Perkins, $62 million for Khosla Ventures. The company raised a total of $85 million.

Legal cloud lifts from California stem-cell effort

The California Supreme Court swept away the last legal impediment to the state’s $3 billion stem-cell research program Wednesday when it declined to review two lawsuits that challenged its constitutionality.