The DeanBeat: The video game industry’s grudge matches

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The DeanBeat column: Stopping to think about the culture of bloodlust

Welcome to the front lines of gaming. I’ve been covering the game industry on a day-to-day basis for about 15 years, mainly by immersing myself in the environment. I play games and I interview people in the game industry daily. But it sometimes helps to pull back and see the industry from afar, as outsiders might see it.

Paintball arena recreates multiplayer map from Call of Duty game (video)

Call of Duty fans were greeted to a “life imitates art” moment at the Call of Duty XP event this week in Los Angeles. Activision Blizzard recreated the Scrapyard multiplayer battlefield from Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 as a paintball arena where teams of 16 players could square off against each other with faux M4 assault rifles squirting green paint pellets. The event was aimed at promoting the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 game, which Activision hopes will be the blockbuster of the year in video games.