Seriously cool hardware startup: Lynx Laboratory’s 3D imaging camera

When it comes to 3D imaging cameras, such as those used in video games and for 3D printers, your options are kind of limited unless you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars on multiple pieces of equipment. This fact alone makes the $1,800 Lynx A Camera from Austin-based startup Lynx Laboratories all the more impressive.

The HTC One will be your mobile photo savior

Just how much does your smartphone’s camera matter to you? With its latest flagship Android line, dubbed HTC One, the Taiwanese phone manufacturer HTC is hoping that a killer camera is just enough to sway you over to its phones.


Camera startup Lytro promises a "picture revolution"

Photography lovers will surely be delighted to hear the mission of the new startup Lytro. The company, which made itself known Tuesday, said it will to bring a new kind of camera to the consumer market and that its launch later this year will be “the start of a picture revolution.”

iPad 2 appears set for April with iPod Touch cameras

Expect to see Apple’s iPad 2 in April — a year after the original iPad hit store shelves — according to a report by Digitimes, which points out that Apple has also added five new printed circuit board (PCB) suppliers for the tablet.