DEMO winner Dynamics scores another win for reinventing the credit card

Score another win for Dynamics CEO Jeff Mullen, the entrepreneur whose team is rebooting that piece of plastic in your pocket. The Consumer Electronics Show has named his company’s programmable credit card, Card 2.0, the best innovation in the personal electronics category. He’ll receive the honor at the CES 2011 trade show, the industry’s highest-profile event, held in Las Vegas in January.

Dynamics hybrid credit/rewards card scores deal with Citi

Dynamics, a startup that’s developing a bunch of multi-purpose credit cards under the name Card 2.0, announced that it’s working with Citi Cards on a new product that will make it easier to redeem the credit card company’s reward points.

VentureBeat’s 5 favorite DEMO companies

The attendees of DEMO Fall 2010 have already chosen their favorite company from the 70 that launched products at the conference earlier this week. And the event team, led by VentureBeat editor-in-chief Matt Marshall, has handed out its DEMOgod awards.