Apple iPhone 3GS

$350 contract-free iPhone 3GS coming soon, report says

Looking for an off-contract iPhone but don’t want to pay an astounding amount for it? You may be in luck, as Apple is reportedly planning to release a $350 contract-free iPhone 3GS that can be extremely attractive to pre-paid customers, according to a BGR report.

IDC predicts Windows Phone at No. 2, Android on top by 2015

In its latest forecast of the smartphone market, research firm IDC has predicted that Windows Phone 7 will capture the No. 2 spot in market share by 2015, between Google’s Android at No. 1 and Apple iOS at No. 3. Rival research house Gartner also predicted similar results in April.

Nokia’s Chief Technology Officer takes leave of absence

Nokia said Thursday that its chief technology officer had taken an indefinite leave and would be replaced by the head of its research center, according to the New York Times. CTO Richard Green, who joined Nokia last year from Sun Microsystems, will be temporarily replaced by Henry Tirri, head of the Nokia Research Center.