AT&T confirms you can keep unlimited data plans with iPhone 5

After Apple’s iPhone 5 reveal today, we’re sure many of you are figuring out just how you can get your hands on one. AT&T subscribers still holding on to an unlimited data plan can rest easy, as the carrier confirmed today that you’ll still be able to keep unlimited plans with the iPhone 5.

T-Mobile has “no Plan B” after AT&T deal falls apart

T-Mobile parent company Deutsche Telekom apparently put all of its eggs in AT&T’s basket. Now that AT&T’s $39 billion T-Mobile purchase has been squashed, thanks to pushback from the US government, DT is scrambling once again to find additional funds for its US carrier.

LightSquared nabs $265M for wholesale LTE 4G

A cool $265 million is being banked today by LightSquared, the first wholesale-only integrated 4G-LTE wireless broadband and satellite network in the United States. Over the last 12 months LightSquared has raised more than $2.3 billion.

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4 ways 4G will impact the way you communicate

4G. You’ve all heard, read or been told about it by enthusiastic tech-friends assuring you how great it’s going to be when you’ll have access to hardline-like broadband speeds in your pocket. But what does 4G actually mean to you as a user?