Social enterprise tools: an industry in denial?

We are suffering from a major case of denial. We tend to tell each other only the good news, totally ignoring social intranet problems — low quality app and too much hype — as if they don’t exist.

Toyota electric cars will tweet, friend you

Car manufacturer Toyota is working with, a provider of web-based software for large companies, to create a private social network for electric car drivers that will connect them with Toyota officials and local dealerships.

Seesmic lands $4M more for listening to social enterprise customers

Seesmic, a client for reading status updates across Twitter, Facebook and other services,  today announced it has secured a third round of funding of $4 million from popular customer relationship management service, and a Softbank Group company managed by Softbank Holdings Inc.

Salesforce’s enterprise-style Facebook goes live Monday, customer relationship management software provider Salesforce’s enterprise-style social network, is going live on Monday and the company is sparing no expense to try to capture a market that has mostly jumped on board with other collaboration startups like Yammer and

Salesforce investor: Set Chatter free to compete with Yammer missed an opportunity when it marketed its collaboration application Chatter, opening the door for collaboration startups like Yammer, a social network for enterprise users, to come in and take over the collaboration sector, said Kevin Spain, a partner with Emergence Capital Partners.

Yammer 2.0: A Facebook for the Warren Buffett set

Yammer, originally launched as a “Twitter for businesses,” will soon expand its services into a full-on social network like Facebook — built to help streamline workplaces and network business professionals.

Salesforce says social network Chatter is ready to talk

Will this be the day that business social networking grows up? founder and chief executive Marc Benioff probably hopes so. Today, the company is announcing the availability of Chatter, its Facebook-style social network for companies.

Chatterbox makes Salesforce’s business social network more talkative’s in-development product Chatter is the latest in a long line of applications advertised as a “Facebook for businesses.” And now Salesforce is opening up a marketplace for Chatter apps built by outside developers, called the ChatterExchange.