Security researchers hack Google’s Chrome OS

When Google first started talking about its Google Chrome OS software a few years ago, one of the selling points was the promise that it would come with much better built-in security than other operating systems. Now, Chrome OS has only been commercially available for a few months, and security researchers have already figured out how to hack it.

Apple’s cloud sure doesn’t look like Google’s

Apple finally threw its hat into the cloud computing ring in a serious way today with a new service called iCloud, which allows users to synchronize their applications and media across all their devices. It’s an ambitious vision, and one that’s about as different as possible from Google’s.

Amazon debuts Kindle for the Web on heels of Google eBooks

Signaling renewed competition in the e-reading space, Amazon today debuted a web-based extension to their existing Kindle platform with a new product called Kindle for the Web, which is nearly identical to a product Google announced yesterday dubbed Google eBooks, which is also a cloud-based ebookstore and reading webapp that lives within the browser.

Google's Chrome OS netbook coming Dec. 7th

It’s been a long stretch, but Google is nearing the finish line with its Chrome OS netbook operating system. The company sent out invitations today to a Chrome event on Tuesday, December 7th, where it will launch the netbook, sources tell Engadget.

Google Chrome OS smartbooks coming this month?

Google and its hardware partners are gearing up to launch the first generation of Chrome OS smartbooks this month, according to a report by news site Digitimes. The term “smartbook” is key when describing these Chrome OS devices, because they will likely run smartphone CPUs instead of typical laptop or netbook chips.

Google may be readying Chrome OS tablet for Black Friday release on Verizon

We’ve been hearing rumors that tablets based on Google’s Chrome OS were getting ready to hit the market for a couple of months. Now there’s word that Google is preparing a Chrome OS tablet with Verizon for release on November 26 — a day better known as Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year in the U.S. — according to a source speaking to Download Squad.

Dell confirms Chrome OS discussions with Google

After last week’s sighting of a Dell configuration for Google’s Chrome OS, we expected some word from Dell on where it stands with netbook or tablet devices running the Web-centric operating system. Now it seems that the company is indeed in talks with Google to use the OS, according to a Reuters interview with Amit Madha, Dell’s president for Greater China and South Asia.

Dell and HP may join Acer for first Chrome OS devices

While our story on Acer unveiling Chrome OS devices at Computex, the big Taiwanese trade show for computer manufacturers, didn’t pan out the way our sources had led us to believe it would, we do know that Acer is hard at work at devices featuring Google’s Web-centric operating system. Now it appears that Dell and HP may be among the first Chrome OS adopters as well, according to Download Squad.

Acer to launch Chrome OS devices in two weeks (exclusive)

It’s been some time since we received any new details on Chrome OS, Google’s web-focused operating system for netbooks. But that’s about to change in a couple weeks. We’ve learned from multiple sources that the Taiwanese computer manufacturer Acer will launch Chrome OS devices at the Computex Taipei show, which will be held from June 1 to June 5.

What are Google's real motivations behind Chrome OS?

Chrome OS is Google’s latest entry into the consumer space. It is designed to be an operating system that runs on customized hardware and provides the user with only a state-of-the art browser running HTML-5 and some plugins. The tech (and mainstream) media has seen no shortage of opinions about its meaning and future impact on the industry. Unfortunately, I think most people have missed some of the key implications of Chrome OS.