Jim Seifert, CTO of Cisco Canada

9 factors creating a ‘perfect storm’ driving the Internet of Things to $14.4 trillion

VANCOUVER — The first computer, ENIAC, cost $6M in 1946 and had less power than a $5 animated greeting card you buy today and throw away tomorrow. That kind of technology innovation is powering the coming internet of things, and turning it into what Cisco Canada CTO Jim Seifert says will be a key component in $14.4 trillion of economic activity within the next decade.

icontrol meters

Home energy network provider iControl raises $50M

iControl, a provider of broadband home management software, said Monday it raised $50 million in its fourth round of funding. Investors in the latest round included Cisco Systems, Comcast Ventures, Intel Capital, Charles River Ventures, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Rogers Communications and Tyco International.

Spigit offers social media platform for company contests

Spigit, the maker of a social networking platform that lets businesses use crowdsourcing to solve internal problems, is launching a new platform today that will allow external crowdsourcing as well.