Kids and video games: Why children should play more

Parents, politicians, and educators often criticize video games as a waste of time that distract kids from healthier activities such as school, outdoor play, sports, and community service. Just one problem: Research is quickly proving the theory wrong and illustrating that gaming can be a beneficial and well-rounded part of a healthy, balanced media diet. Moreover, due to their interactivity, at odds with passive mediums such as television, kids’ video games can actually be one of today’s most powerful tools for sparking learning and creativity.

With fifth version, Civilization is still the best board game on the computer (review)

Whenever a new version of Civilization hits the PC, productivity goes down around the world. That’s the case with Sid Meier’s Civilization V, the new game developed by Firaxis Games and published by the 2K Games unit of Take-Two Interactive. It’s sort of like playing the board game Risk on your computer, but with many more sophisticated nuances and more strategic considerations to think through.