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Tomorrow's forecast calls for personalized clouds

Just as consumers are increasingly expecting personalized experiences, companies are realizing that a personalized infrastructure can give them a competitive advantage.


Happy holidays: Amazon gives China a cloud of its own

At the Amazon Web Services user conference in Las Vegas last month, senior vice president Andy Jassy warned everyone that the already large public cloud would be increasing its geographical reach. “We’re not close to being done here,” Jassy said. Now we’re hearing a major step forward: an expansion into China.

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Cloud computing beats Moore’s law — by a mile

It’s not just about hardware costs versus renting servers. Today you can rewrite the app mixing and matching pieces of the grand IT buffet. Cloud services, open source libraries, APIs, and mobile apps can all come together to make jobs less complex and so much cheaper.

European policy makers have introduced a number of amendments that would further regulate the cloud computing industry

Europe wants to regulate the cloud for a post-Snowden world

It’s not always clear where data travels on the Internet, but with American cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and others powering a sizable chunk of the modern web, there’s a fair chance the National Security Agency can examine and store your data — even if you live across the pond.

Dell's Barton George (left) speaking with a developer at a recent conference

An idiot’s guide to DevOps

“DevOps” is one of those buzzwords that nearly everyone in the tech industry feigns to understand. Few people really do. I’ve always thought it sounds like a codename for some kind of covert NSA mission.


Migrating to the cloud? Here’s how to do it right

I was recently involved with appraising the feasibility of moving one of the largest Oracle eBusiness suite installations in the UK to “on-demand.” This experience gave me some insights into the complexities behind such a move.