SocialFolders backs up your Facebook photos & Google Docs on your hard drive

With cloud computing all the rage these days, we often have files and bits of data that live exclusively on a server far away from our hard drives. And while that’s often really awesome, sometimes you want and need a backup of that information on your computer. Enter SocialFolders, a service that backs up your social and cloud data to your hard drive.

Five ways data storage is too sexy for your business in 2012

Business owners, chief information officers, and even chief executives are looking at storage with new eyes. They see that storage is a critical component of managing data, “internet-of-things,” Big Data, cloud services, and analytics.  Smarter storage is necessary for businesses to stay ahead as data continues to explode. For example, research firm IDC estimates that online content will total 2.7 zettabytes in 2012, up 48 percent from 2011.

Box spruces up iOS apps with photo and search functions

Box has seen people using mobile devices to access the company’s file storage grow 30 times in the last year, and they blame that increase on the mobile workforce. Our whole culture around communication has changed. Once upon a time, we called house and work landlines and happily left voice messages if the person was unavailable. Now we’re smash-guitars-against-the-wall-mad when someone doesn’t pick up their cell phone. Don’t even get me started if you’ve tried them twice with no success. It’s a game of convenience, which businesspeople of all kinds are taking advantage of, be it while traveling or simply to check that presentation before they’ve tossed back the comforter.

DIY data centers: Backblaze reveals secrets of cloud storage

If Hollywood ever needs a cloud storage facility for a movie scene, they need to call the folks at online storage and backup company Backblaze. You can just picture Tom Cruise, playing a secret agent dressed in black, sneaking around the rows of shiny red pods in the white storage facility (half a city block long). This is what cloud storage should look like, and the company is now sharing their secrets.