Put a fork in ‘big data’ — it’s done

The truth of the matter is that only the Facebooks and Googles of the world have or need big data. For the rest of us, ‘big data’ is just marketing hype, sales talk, and jargon.

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Heathcare cloud company ClearDATA raises $7M

ClearDATA focuses on making secure, HIPPA-, HITECH Act-, and ePHI-compliant cloud software for healthcare professionals and organizations. Its platform is designed to cut costs while improving productivity and regulatory compliance.

La Brea Tar Pits

Software is evolving out of the tar pits of consolidation

With the flurry of recent large SaaS acquisitions, you might wonder if the era of independent SaaS companies will be a footnote in the annals of software. Are we witnessing the continued consolidation of business software?


Google App Engine: Lock in, what lock in?

On occasion I encounter the argument that Google App Engine is a proprietary platform, which implies lock-in, which many developers consider a Bad Thing. I’d like to address that complaint.