CEOs love iPads, and other things you need to know about the cloud

Last week, VentureBeat hosted its first ever CloudBeat conference. It was a huge success (if we do say so ourselves), with more than 400 executives from cloud startups, leading cloud service providers, and various Fortune 500 companies coming together to talk shop. You can check out complete coverage of panels, talks and sessions here.

Abhinav Keswani Marketscout

Why MarketScout uses Heroku over other PaaS providers

MarketScout is a lean Australian startup that’s dependent on other cloud services to make it run, so when it came to deciding on a Platform-as-a-Service provider, the company had an important decision to make. They chose Salesforce-owned Heroku and still use it today.

iPads in the enterprise: CEO ego is driving adoption

iPads have taken over the boardroom, and corporate CEOs and their egos are to thank for the somewhat surprising trend. At least, that’s the consensus among a panel of cloud computing and enterprise experts who gathered to discuss the reality and implications of mobile devices infiltrating the office.

cloudbeat oracle

Oracle VP talks challenges of the public cloud model

About two months ago, Oracle announced it would finally take the plunge into public cloud computing with the Oracle Public Cloud. Oracle technology product marketing VP Rick Schultz talked more about the public cloud today and admitted it was a new frontier for the previously cloud-agnostic company.

How Best Buy adopted the cloud and embraced rogue apps

Big companies often get a bad rap for being too slow to adopt emerging technologies, but electronics retailer Best Buy, which employees more than 6,000 employees in technology positions, has managed to avoid this corporate pitfall and build an enterprise infrastructure in the cloud.


Meet our 10 finalists for the CloudBeat 2011 Innovation Showdown

Our first annual CloudBeat 2011 conference is fast approaching! Today we are extremely happy to announce our finalists for the conference’s Innovation Showdown, a battle between 10 companies that are each making big waves with unique cloud technologies.

Why I’m excited about CloudBeat 2011: It’s not just another vendor-centric event

I tend to be a little jaded about cloud technology events. I’ve attended a few dozen high-profile events a year over the past handful of years, making me a bit of a veteran. The amount of cloud-washing I’ve seen, and the number of events that rapidly descend into a battleground of highly technical minutiae, have left me frustrated many times.


Meet our first batch of CloudBeat 2011 speakers: Aaron Levie, Lew Moorman and more

VentureBeat’s first annual CloudBeat conference is only a month away. Hosted on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 at the Hotel Sofitel in Redwood City, we will be exploring many cases of real and revolutionary enterprise adoption of cloud services. We’ll be cutting though the hype of the “cloud” and see how it’s changing the way business is being done from a customer perspective rather than a vendor-focused one.